Custom Pelleted Products

RW Milling has emerged as a partner in custom manufacturing of a diverse line of specialty products for clients ranging from natural repellants to exotic animal feeds. Although involved in a wide range of production, the facility does not handle any FDA specified risk materials and is an un-restricted full line feed

Custom Pelleted Products Facility Image
RW Milling is an un-restricted full line
feed manufacturing facility, specializing
in whole ingredient based pelleted feeds
Our centrally located manufacturing
facility can help reduce freight costs.

manufacturing facility specializing in whole ingredient based pelleted feeds. A strategic partnership with Kansas State University’s Feed Science Department permits collaboration and access to University resources in testing and development of new feed products. We can’t do everything, but when it comes to pelleted products based on the types of feed stocks we handle, we believe we are pretty good at it. RW Milling Company will be happy to work with you to examine your project and see if we can help you turn it into a finished product.


RW Milling Capabilties

Material Handling

Plant based materials
Powders & Meals
Liquid Additions



Upstream/Downstream Processing

Air Aspiration

Packaging Capabilities

Heat sealed bags
Poly Bags
Paper Bags
Jumbo Tote Sacks / Container
Bulk / Container



To Learn More
call Chris or Norman at 785-456-7866

Types of Products to Date:

•   Palatable Medicated Feeds

•   Deer Protein Feeds

•   Ostrich Rations

•   Goat Feeds

•   Guinea Pig Ration

•   Cubed Horse Treats

•   Chinchilla Rations

•   Deer Repellent

•   Equestrian Feeds

•   Cattle Feeds

•   Rabbit Rations

•   Exotic and Small Animal Feeds

•   Custom protein based fertilizers
     and soil amendments

•   and more


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RW Milling is a division of RWH Farms, Inc.