Custom Pelleted Products Case Studies

Specialty Worming Product

A Fortune500 pharmaceutical company turned to RW Milling to develop a carrier for a drug they had patented as a constant feed wormer for equine. RW Milling was responsible for developing a highly palatable formulation using easily obtainable ingredients that would administer the product at specified levels. Along with Kansas State University RW Milling conducted pelleting trials to establish consistent pellet densities and durabilities to meet the requirements of the project. RW Milling Company played an integral role in the launch of this new product which is still a staple in the equestrian market today.

Natural Repellant

A Fortune500 manufacturer and marketer of specialty consumer products contacted RW Milling Company to assist them in the development of a natural animal repellant product for home and garden use. They were in search of a company who could identify a way to handle their desired ingredients and manufacture them into a market ready product. This project involved many unique challenges including the fact one of their key ingredients was not able to be effectively conveyed using common feedmilling equipment. This required RW Milling to solve the challenge of how to handle and move the component in a production environment. The components also were not easily converted into a pellet and following several test runs using various combinations of ingredients and milling dies, we successfully formulated the product per the customer’s specification achieving the project objectives of ease of application as well as increased longevity and efficacy of the product. After field testing and final formulation, the product received approval from the EPA and other regulatory agencies and was brought to market.

RW Milling has the flexibility and can do attitude necessary to make modifications to their facility and develop new ways manufacture this unique product in a production environment.

Specialty Rations

A Fortune 500 company specializing in exotic animal diets for zoo animals and exotic pets was seeking a manufacturer to pellet three of their existing lines of specialty feed products. Their current manufacturer was having production issues and could not fill orders, so they were in a bind. They turned to RW Milling Company in search of a new manufacturer who needed to be able to rapidly fill the supply chain with product. RW Milling partnered with the client to understand their needs, quickly source ingredients, establish protocol for handling their ingredients and complete test runs to ensure our production capabilities matched their existing product in the marketplace. We were able to bring product their products to market within 30 days of the initial conversation, keeping their supply chain filled and avoiding a potential product shortage at the retail level.

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Types of Products to Date:

•   Palatable Medicated Feeds

•   Deer Protein Feeds

•   Ostrich Rations

•   Goat Feeds

•   Guinea Pig Ration

•   Cubed Horse Treats

•   Chinchilla Rations

•   Deer Repellent

•   Equestrian Feeds

•   Cattle Feeds

•   Rabbit Rations

•   Exotic and Small Animal Feeds

•   Custom protein based fertilizers
     and soil amendments

•   and more


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