Organic Fertilizer Case Studies

Product Development: Pelleted Organic Fertilizer

In 1989 RW Milling was approached by a Missouri based company with an idea for a new pelleted organic fertilizer for the lawn and garden industry. They were in need of assistance with product development and a location for U.S. production. RW Milling Company was the answer for manufacturing expertise and development of the product. RW Milling company was an instrumental partner in developing the final product formulation, manufacturing specifications, labeling, packaging, and production methodologies. Following launch of the initial product RW Milling was able to help the company expand their lines of products by developing variations on the original product line and launching several new products. The Company and the product line was acquired by a fortune 500 company in 2004.

Prototyping & Manufacturing for Texas-based Company

In 2002 Texas based Distributing Company looked to RW Milling Company to develop a Natural and Organic Lawn and Garden Fertilizer that could exceed the marketability and profitability of other organic fertilizer products that they were currently distributing. We worked with them to study the market and help develop their product’s specifications. Suitable and effective ingredients were sourced and manufacturing prototyping was completed. Following testing the RW Milling assisted with label development and registration of the product with the necessary state regulatory authorities. Immediately following the successful launch of the first product under their brand, additional products were jointly developed. Today RW Milling manufactures 7 fertility products and 2 soil amendments which allows the distributor to mix and match truckload orders, gaining tremendous efficiency in shipping and inventory control by combining multiple products per load rather than buying an excessive amount of one product to fill out a truck.

Private Labeled Fertilizer for Kansas-based Company

In 2003 a Kansas based distributor of lawn and garden products was growing tired of developing the organic product market, generating successful product placement for product A,B and C, only to have a competitor come along after they had made the developmental investment and steal the business away from them. This can be a frustrating practice for the distributor who invests the energy and dollars required to develop a new market and get placement in a retail store, only to be price cut by a few pennies per bag by another distributor which has no standing investment in developing the account. They looked to RW Milling Company to design a line of organic fertilizer products similar to the products they currently marketed which could be private labeled as their own, protecting them from predatory pricing. We partnered with them to successfully develop, label, register and launch three new fertility products in the market under their label, providing the distributor high quality products to invest in for their retail customers and protection from predatory pricing by owning their own product line.

Lawn & Garden Fertilizer for Nationwide Distributor

A nationwide distributor and manufacturer of lawn and garden products was looking for the necessary expertise to develop and launch a line of Organic and Natural fertilizer products. They had a wide line of existing products in place, however they felt their Organic Fertilization line was missing the mark and in need of re-tooling. They looked to RW Milling to provide the technical and manufacturing expertise needed to construct fertilizers that would meet the needs identified by their product development and marketing groups. RW Milling worked with the client to successfully develop and manufacture three new lawn and garden fertilizers which were launched in 2009. The plan is to develop and launch 2 new products in the line in 2011.

Complex Blend of Biological Inoculants

A Landscape company bidding work for the Texas Department of Transportation looked to RW Milling company to develop a fertilizer product which met TxDot’s complex specifications for planting bed preparations on highway projects they were bidding. This product specified a complex blend of biological inoculants at individually guaranteed levels in addition to specific Fulvic acid requirements. RW Milling worked with a biological supplier to develop the required blend and concentrations and constructed the fertilizer to meet the specifications for the project. The Landscape Company was able to successfully win numerous contracts using the fertilizer developed by RW Milling Company for this project.

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Ingredient and Component
listing for Organic Fertilizers

•   Alfalfa

•   Soybean Meal

•   Humates

•   Feather Meal

•   Kelp Meal

•   Poultry Meal

•   Blood Meal

•   Pork Meat

•   Bone Meal

•   Sulfate of Potash

•   Soluble Seaweed Extract

•   Fish Meal

•   Liquid Molasses

•   Dried Molasses

•   Heat Dried Poultry Litter

•   EPA Class A BioSolids

•   Chilean Nitrate

•   Numerous combinations of dry
     microbial inoculants with plant
     beneficial bacteria and fungi
     including Mycorrhizae


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