Organic Fertilizer Case Studies

Since 1989, RW Milling Company has been a pioneer in the manufacture of pelleted natural and organic fertilizer products. In 2003, RW Milling became one of a handful of licensed facilities for production of Corn Gluten as a natural pre-emergence herbicide under patents from the Iowa State University Research Foundation.

Over the past 20 years, the company has worked with many natural, organic, and biological components to construct customer driven fertilizer products. During

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As both a manufacturing and end packaging
facility, retail ready products are packaged
under one roof with the greatest care and
attention to detail. Conversion time and
handling costs are minimized, while product
integrity and quality control are maintained.

our work in the industry, RW Milling has accumulated the manufacturing and formulation expertise needed to construct products that succeed in their respective markets.

Fertilizer objectives can vary widely among agricultural, turf, and horticultural industries. RW Milling Company’s ingredient knowledge base allows us to select the right ingredients, microbial additions, and formulations to bring the most benefit to the specific application. Certain ingredients perform better in the field depending on the desired results and choosing the right combinations which perform are critical. This knowledge, coupled with manufacturing, labeling, and regulatory expertise, allows the company to drive the development of successful products for our customers on-time and in-line with pricing expectations.

As both a manufacturing and end packaging facility, conversion time and handling costs are minimized and product integrity and quality control are maintained. The company has become known for our expertise in rapidly bringing conceptual products through the product development process and to the end consumer. Retail ready products are packaged under one roof with the greatest care and attention to detail.

Today, the company is the sole supplier of 22 core fertilizer products for 5 distributors across America – with regional concentrations in Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Private Label

Private label fertilizer products developed in partnership with our customers have not only allowed them to successfully enter the market with highly competitive products but also allowed them to enjoy the protection of exclusivity in their respective markets. Private label products eliminate the possibility of purchasers--who frequently attempt to buy direct-- cutting into your profit. Private labeling can also prevent your competition from learning your trade secrets. Turf care experts who develop a private label product can keep their competition guessing, protect trade secrets and lock in customers. Distributors in search of their own brand find private labeling a successful way to achieve their goals.

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Ingredient and Component
listing for Organic Fertilizers

•   Alfalfa

•   Soybean Meal

•   Humates

•   Feather Meal

•   Kelp Meal

•   Poultry Meal

•   Blood Meal

•   Pork Meat

•   Bone Meal

•   Sulfate of Potash

•   Soluble Seaweed Extract

•   Fish Meal

•   Liquid Molasses

•   Dried Molasses

•   Heat Dried Poultry Litter

•   EPA Class A BioSolids

•   Chilean Nitrate

•   Numerous combinations of dry
     microbial inoculants with plant
     beneficial bacteria and fungi
     including Mycorrhizae


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